Bahra University

Trained Graduate Teachers with Master’s Degree working in different educational institutions of the State prior to August 19, 2011 will be governed as per the old recruitment and promotion rules to get elevated to the post of Lecturer now Post Graduate Teachers. Chief Minister announced it in the meeting with the various Associations of the different categories of teachers which met him in recent past seeking amendment in the latest notification of the Government with regard to their promotion to higher posts.

Chief Minister assured the Associations that the presently notified Recruitment and Promotion Rules would be applicable prospectively for their promotion to the post of Post Graduate Teachers and the promotions of already working teachers would not be affected on account of amendment made by the Government vide notification issued on August 19, 2011. He said that Trained Graduate Teachers having Master’s Degree in the subject concerned would not be debarred from the promotion to the post of Post Graduate Teacher and would be considered as per the old Recruitment and Promotion Rules of Education Department. He said that the condition of having a minimum of 50 percent marks in the Master’s Degree would be applicable to only those Trained Graduate Teachers who had been recruited and joined service after the date of issue of the amended notification.

Chief Minister said that the State Government had always maintained cordial relations with its employees and acceded to their genuine demands without waiting them to ask for the same. He said that financial benefits worth about Rs. 5,000 crore had been given to the employees during past three and half year period besides large promotional avenues in almost all departments of the State. He said that dearness allowance upto January, 2011 had also been paid to the employees and pensioners of the State which speak of the concern State Government had towards the welfare of its employees and pensioners. He said that teaching community had been shouldering higher responsibility of grooming the future citizens and making them skilled and capable to meet forthcoming challenges in their lives successfully. He assured the employees associations that their interests were safe in the hands of the State Government and the tradition of cordial relations would be maintained in future as well.