The SFI again won Students Central Association (SCA) of the HPU by winning all the four top posts with impressive margins. For the president post in the university SFI candidate Puneet Dhanta secure huge win over ABVP Deepak Manta by a margin of 536 votes. Lokender Kumar won over ABVP’s Kumari Shiva by 673 votes. Hoshiyar Singh defeated ABVP candidate Yadunandan by a margin of 676 votes and for the joint secretary SFI candidate Manju Thakur defeated ABVP’s Maheshwar Thakur by 585 votes.

SFI also won many colleges in the Shimla district. Heavy turnout were reported and SFI able to retain its previous position in the University, whereas other two major student outfit ABVP and NSUI could not even register there presence. However, the ABVP and the NSUI did well in some of the colleges in the districts like Kangra, Hamirpur and Mandi.

In the Government Colleges at Sanjauli, Chaura Maidan and Theog, SFI secure to win all four seats. Whereas, NSUI won in Kotkhai, Sunni, Seema, Sawra and Jangla colleges by winning all four seats. In Nerwa, the NSUI won three seats while ABVP won single seat.