Chief Minister urges the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh to give special attention for expansion of rail network in the State as even after 64 years of independence, only 44 Kms. of rail line has been laid in the state. Thus, virtual absence of rail network in the state, coupled with practically negligible air connectivity to the state has virtually reduced the state to the one of the least connected as far as rail and air connectivity were concerned.

Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal in a letter written to the Prime Minister thanked him for inauguration of the Amb-Indora railway station on 6th July last by Minister of State for Railways. He said that this newly inaugurated 11.63 Km. Chururu-Talwada to Amb-Indora broad gauge line was the third block section on the 84 Km. Nangal to Talwara line. It has taken 37 years to lay 42 Km. from Nangal to Amb-Indora in three phases.

Chief Minister said that the repeated pleas of successive Governments for at least expediting the work on the railway projects, as per the then agreed upon terms and conditions have been ignored. The funding pattern agreed upon for Bhanupalli-Bilaspur-Beri railway line on 8th August, 2007 has not been accepted and Govt. of India has gone back on its own commitment. He said that this issue was taken by him last in 9th January, 2011. CM reiterated that he has taken up the issue of rail network to Leh-Laddakh in February, 2008. After three years this network finds a mention only in the socially desirable networks in the country. He said that this proposed railway line because of its strategic importance can not be delayed any further. This needs to be taken up at the earliest so as to enhance the preparedness of our country. He said that China has already established a vast network of rail network apart from the advanced air connectivity in the adjoining disputed area of Tibet.

He said that Minister of State for Railway’s during his inaugural speech on the occasion of inauguration of Amb-Indora railway line has reiterated the flawed stand of Government of India and has asked the state government to ensure 50% contribution in the rail projects which was simply unacceptable.