PWD minister Thakur Gulab Singh said that as many as 161 new villages will be connected with motorable roads during the current financial year under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) and a sum of Rs 1075 crore will be spent on construction and maintenance of roads in the State. Thakur Gulab Singh said that roads are top most priority of the State Government and villages having population of over 250 providing would be provided road connectivity by the end of 2012. He said that target has been fixed to connect 195 villages in the State during current financial year. He said that 685 km roads would be constructed and 1005 kms., roads would be metalled during this period. He said that cross drainage would be provided to 1090 kms roads and periodic renewal would be done on 1230 kms roads. He said that 150kms plastic roads and 47 bridges would be constructed during the current financial year.

Public Works Minister said that due to the persistent efforts of the State Government, 213 projects worth Rs 292.66 crore have been got sanctioned under the PMGSY during the tenure of the present Government. He said that 330 road projects amounting to Rs 764.50 crore have been sanctioned for the State under NABARD during the last three year. He said that for making journey in the State safe and speedy, the State Government is also endeavoring to make the State roads the commuter’s delight. For this, the State Government has introduced the concept of blooming highways. Under this scheme, tree and ornamental flower plantation is being carried out along side all major roads in the State. He said that over 6.50 lakh saplings and ornamental plants have been planted in the State during the last three and half years.

Thakur Gulab Singh said that Himachal Pradesh State Road Project has been implemented in the State. He said that this Rs 1365.435 crore Project, envisages upgradation of 435 km long state highways and major district roads besides periodic maintenance of 2000 km. of road length.

He said that due to the efforts of Prof Prem Kumar Dhumal, Chief Minister, two new National Highways with a total length of 250 kms have been added after the inception of the present State Government. He said that proposal for seven roads with total length of 890 kms have been sent to the Union Government for declaring them as National Highways. He said that out of these the Government of India has agreed in principal to declare five State Highways as National Highways. He said that this would further strengthen road network in the State.