At conference on ‘Tuberculosis- A Global Challenge’ Health Minister Dr. Rajeev Bindal said that the success rate of treating the patients suffering from Tuberculosis is 87 percent in the State which was highest in the country. He was speaking at the inauguration of two day long conference on ‘Tuberculosis- A Global Challenge’ jointly organized by Micro Biology Department of IGMC, NAMS, ICMR and North West Chapter of Indian Association of Medical Micro Biologists.

Dr. Bindal said that to make people aware about the Tuberculosis disease, a campaign will be launched on the analogy of ‘Beti Hai Anmol’ throughout the State. He said that all medicines required to treating the TB patients were available in the State. Health Minister said that TB specialists should endeavour to find out the remedy for Tuberculosis caused due to AIDS. He said that animals are also carrier of the bacteria responsible for spreading Tuberculosis and research should be carried out in this respect.

Dr. Bindal said that awareness camps will be organized for detecting cancer in five districts of the State and Chamba and Hamirpur districts will be covered in the first phase.

Dr. V.M. Katoch, Secretary, Department of Health and Research, Government of India and Director General, ICMR presented an oration on the topic ‘Challenges of TB in India’ on the occasion. More than 200 doctors are participating in the conference.