Indian National Congress seems not is a mood to spare BJP led government on development front. It’s only year and half for the forthcoming assembly election and it seems that every section of the opposition is ready to wrestle the power and dragging Dhumal government to see the reality check. Dilapidated road condition is an open secret and commuters are facing hard from it. Every corner of the state, whether it’s Shimla’s Apple producing belt, Solan’s Industrial belt Baddi-Nalagarh region or another State entry road from the Una-Amb, all are facing the same fate. Taking the quip at ruling government’s lethargic attitude toward the infrastructure, activists of the Youth Congress held a protest against the poor condition of the Mehatpur-Una-Amb road. These workers opted for the unique way to protest as they hired a horse cart and trek that on road as a symbol of their protest. This road is being developed by the Chinese company Longjian and instead of preparing particular area they have uprooted a big chunk of the road and now they are unable to repair it. Because of company’s inability commuters and people of the surrounding area are suffering from it. Affected people are complaining daily for their grievance as dust that emanate from the broken portions of the road making their life worse day-by-day. The road is also not safe for the travelers as big pits on the road making hard to drive the vehicle safely on it. Road is a lifeline of any sector and whenever it’ll completed, it’ll be beneficial to its people, but delayed work is now testing the patience of sufferer, that can cost government dearly.

Image Courtesy TheTribune