Nurpur: The Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh said that his Government was ensuring equal and balanced development of the State which BJP was not able to digest. While addressing public rally at Nurpur, Singh accused BJP for launching a malicious propaganda against him to divert the attention of the people from their misdeeds which were being enquired by the investigating agencies.

Virbhadra Singh made clear that he was never going to succumb to any pressure and beware opposition that his humility should not be taken as his weakness. Challenging the BJP leaders to approach the Lokayukta on the allegations being levelled against him, the Chief Minister said that as promised the Government was making enquiries into the charge sheet submitted by the Congress Party. Singh said that the BJP leaders were feeling the heat of the on-going enquiries and had launched vicious campaign against him as they considered him the biggest threat for their political survival.

Virbhadra Singh claimed that the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association was given undue favours by the Dhumal Government and valuable land worth crores of rupees was leased to the Association merely at Rupees one for hundred years. Besides, trees were axed in large numbers and residential complex was also demolished to construct stadium and other structure. The HPCA was later converted into a Company and the Dhumal family was governing it as a private property, which was not tolerable. He also expressed concern over the media trial on allegations being levelled against him by the BJP.