Government development program must pull out among public and sharp stroke must be taken to resolve the public complaint said speaker Vidhan Sabha Tulsi Ram at Hamirpur. The fourth district level public grievances committee meeting presided by him in Bachat Bhawan. He added that the matter elevated by non government members of the committee must be taken seriously and should be resolved at priority basis. He also added that officers of all departments must present at meeting so that grievances of public may resolved at the priority. He directed the S.D.M. to have a meeting with concerned department officials on the issue raised by non official members regarding dangerous trees on national highway 70 and 88. He added to give solution within the period of one week. Food and supply department is directed to make regular inspection and to insure that public may get good quality edibles. Not only this to solve Latina weed problem the agriculture department officers are directed to organize field programs and awaken the farmers to overcome the fix. He added the employees are backbone of government. Government itself trying to provide transparent as well as at home step services to common person and we hope the employee will also work in same order. At this moment D.C. Rajinder Singh assured him that public grievances will be resolved at the earliest and no stone will left to spread government developmental policies and other schemes among public.