(Mohan Lal Relingpa) Recently Dhundi avalanche incident, near the Rohtang Tunnel construction site in Solang Nala has triggered a debate amongst the labour unions, civil population and company authorities, on whether to continue work or not during winter when it is snowbound.

The Dhundli avalanche has taken two lives of workers of the Tunnel company.

INTUC Tunnel in-charge Jitender Thakur has demanded to close construction work for two months when a site is threatened by avalanches and other hazards of nature. He demanded to erect avalanches control systems and supporting structures like snow bridges and snow fences so that no destructive avalanches occur even during extreme conditions.

Thakur also demanded to comply with the guidelines of the SASE.

Past records say that the snow-clad Himalayas and its glaciers become always active during snowfall. These glaciers have always disturbed normal life and caused heavy damage to properties and human lives. In 1994, avalanches in and around the Jawahar Tunnel of Banihal played havoc and took 98 lives and huge damage to properties. Thakur accused the company of not still giving compensation to those killed in an avalanche accident.