In order to promote the usage of clean drinking water in the rural areas of the State, especially at the schools and community level, the Department of Rural Development has organised one day training workshop at Shimla on ‘Terafil’ Water Purification Technology with the support of Institute of Minerals and Material Technology, Bhuvneshwar.

Secretary, Rural Development and Panchayati Raj R.D. Dhiman, said that ‘Terafil’ Water Purification Technology is an indigenous, low cost, local raw material based technology based upon porous terracotta disc made from red clay, sand and wood saw dust from where water passes through the ultra small capillaries during the filtration process, without sediments, iron and bacteria. He added that this technology could be used in rural areas of the State and the department of Rural Development together with Irrigation and Public Health would be providing training in production of this terracotta disc to the self help groups and other micro business establishments, especially having background in pottery making so that not only the requirements of IPH and education departments under ‘Jalmani Programme’ was met but the people of the State were also be having clean drinking water.