PWD Deploys 13,000 Employees and 500 Machines for Road Restoration

In light of the ongoing monsoon season, the Public Works Department (PWD) of Himachal Pradesh has taken significant measures to ensure the state’s infrastructure remains intact and functional. The department has cancelled all employee leave, permitting time off only under special circumstances, to maximize the workforce available to tackle monsoon-related challenges.

The PWD has mobilized 13,000 employees to work on the ground, addressing issues caused by heavy rains. To further support these efforts, 500 machines have been deployed across the state to assist in the restoration and maintenance of roads and bridges affected by the monsoon.

Chief Engineers from all four zones of the PWD have been instructed to conduct field visits and inspect the conditions of roads and bridges. These engineers are required to submit detailed reports to the state government after their inspections to ensure that any damage is promptly addressed. This initiative aims to mitigate the impact of the heavy rains and maintain connectivity throughout the region.

The Public Works Minister will hold weekly meetings at the Secretariat to review the damage caused by the monsoon and coordinate response efforts. The department is prepared to increase the number of field workers if necessary to manage the situation effectively.

In addition to the Chief Engineers, other key personnel such as Executive Engineers, Junior Engineers, Supervisors, and operators of various machinery, including Poklanes, Dozers, Robots, JCBs, and Beldars, have been instructed to remain on duty on the roads at all times. This constant presence is crucial for immediate response to any emerging issues.

With the apple season set to begin in Himachal Pradesh next month, the PWD has been asked to make proactive arrangements to ensure that roads remain open and accessible. Last year, the Himachal government faced significant financial losses due to natural calamities. To prevent similar disruptions, separate teams will be formed in the most affected areas to regularly monitor rivers and drains. These teams will provide timely information to the government in case of increased water flow, ensuring swift action to prevent flooding and other related problems.

These comprehensive measures by the PWD aim to minimize the disruption caused by the monsoon rains and ensure the safety and connectivity of the state’s infrastructure, particularly as the crucial apple season approaches.