Shimla – Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur has levelled serious allegations against Chief Minister Sukhu, accusing him of protecting corrupt associates involved in a major mining scam. Thakur’s accusations come in the wake of recent Enforcement Directorate (ED) raids on mining businessmen in the state.

Speaking to the media in Shimla, Thakur asserted that the ED raids have confirmed the existence of a scam, revealing the close connections between the businessmen and the Chief Minister. “The Chief Minister should answer the people of the state in this matter,” Thakur demanded, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability.

Thakur criticized the Congress government, accusing it of prioritizing scams over development and failing to address the issues of the people. He stated, “The government is working to suppress the voice of the opposition through dictatorship,” and claimed that power had been misused to win by-elections, leading to public anger.

Highlighting the severity of the corruption allegations, Thakur noted that both the ED and Income Tax Department have found documents suggesting the businessmen’s involvement in scams worth hundreds of crores. He pointed out that media reports have brought to light the close relationship between the accused and the Chief Minister, raising questions about the state’s leadership.

Thakur also accused the Chief Minister of altering rules to favour his associates and ignoring public interest issues. “For the Chief Minister, his group of friends is everything. The public interest issues of the people of the state are not a priority at all,” he stated, calling for the government’s removal.

Reaffirming his commitment to holding the government accountable, Thakur declared, “We are in the opposition, our job is to raise our voice against the dictatorial government. To ask questions from the government which is not working for the public interest. To force the government to work in the public interest. We will keep doing that.”

As the ED investigation progresses, the opposition and the public await answers from Chief Minister Sukhu regarding his alleged connections with the businessmen under scrutiny.