Mandi – The Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) is set to enhance safety measures in the Mandi district with the installation of an early warning system at Pandoh Dam. This system aims to alert residents from the dam to Mandi city whenever the dam gates are opened to release water. The announcement was made by BBMB Superintending Engineer Ajaypal Singh during the 48th foundation day celebration of the Beas-Sutlej Link (BSL) project at Pandoh Dam.

Ajaypal Singh stated that the tender for the sensor-based early warning system has been placed and installation will commence within the next two months. Six omni-directional hooters will be strategically placed along the Beas River from Pandoh Dam to Mandi city. These hooters will emit loud warnings and broadcast voice messages to alert the public. Unlike the previous system, which was manually operated and only covered areas near the dam and market, the new system will operate automatically.

“Pandoh Dam is not a storage dam but a diversion dam,” Singh clarified. “It channels 8,500 cusecs of water through a tunnel to Baggi, with the remaining water released into the Beas River. It is crucial for people to stay away from the Beas River and other water bodies during the rainy season, as water levels can rise unexpectedly.”

In addition to the early warning system, Singh mentioned a proposal to construct a security wall in residential areas near Pandoh. The project, estimated to cost between ₹8 to ₹10 crores, is currently in the planning phase, with the drawing ready and awaiting final approval. Construction will begin once funding is secured.

Singh also highlighted that BBMB management is considering the status of part-time workers within the organization, with a decision expected soon.