Designated dumping sites and single contractor to manage waste effectively; forest clearance sought for new sites

Shimla – In a significant move to address the persistent issue of illegal dumping in Shimla, the Municipal Corporation is making a comprehensive plan to streamline waste management in the city. This decision comes in response to the growing problem of illegal debris disposal at various locations, which has caused numerous challenges, especially during the rainy season.

Under the new plan, the Municipal Corporation will issue a tender to a single company, granting it the responsibility of managing all dumping activities across the city. This centralized approach prevents residents from disposing of construction waste and debris indiscriminately. The contractor appointed through this tender will ensure that all waste is directed to designated dumping sites.

The Municipal Corporation has sought Forest Conservation Act (FCA) clearance for three proposed dumping sites at Kanlog, Tutikandi, and Chalonthi to facilitate this plan. Mayor Surendra Chauhan highlighted the urgency of this initiative, noting that illegal dumping exacerbates problems during heavy rains. “Last year, we faced a major disaster due to illegal dumping. The raw debris collapses suddenly during the rainy season, often infiltrating homes and causing significant damage,” he explained.

Once the FCA clearance is obtained, the Municipal Corporation will promptly implement the plan. In addition to designating specific dumping sites, the Corporation will issue a dedicated contact number for residents to report dumping issues and seek assistance.

Currently, the city faces significant challenges as residents dispose of construction materials at their discretion, leading to unsightly and hazardous conditions. The existing practice requires transporting construction waste of MC Shimla to the Bharyal garbage plant, a time-consuming and inefficient process. By identifying three to four new dumping sites closer to the city, the Municipal Corporation aims to simplify waste management and reduce illegal dumping incidents.

Mayor Chauhan expressed optimism about the plan’s potential to improve the city’s cleanliness and safety. “This initiative will help us maintain a cleaner and safer environment for all residents. We urge everyone to cooperate and use the designated dumping sites once they are operational,” he stated.