Shimla – Himachal Pradesh is currently experiencing an unprecedented heat wave, with temperatures soaring to record-breaking levels. For the first time this season, maximum temperatures have exceeded 40 degrees Celsius in ten regions of the state, causing widespread discomfort and concern among residents.

On Wednesday, Una recorded a staggering 43.2 degrees Celsius, surpassing its previous record of 42.1 degrees set in 2007. This marks a significant increase after 17 years. Similarly, Kangra experienced temperatures of 41.3 degrees, slightly below its 2017 peak of 42 degrees. Shimla, the capital city, recorded its highest temperature in five years, reaching 30.5 degrees. The last time Shimla experienced such high temperatures in June was in 2019.

The heat wave has gripped several areas, including Una, Kangra, Bilaspur, Hamirpur, Mandi, Sirmaur, and Solan. The extreme heat has made life challenging, especially in the plain districts, where the rising minimum temperatures have prolonged the discomfort into the night.

The MeT department has issued a yellow alert, warning residents that the heat wave is expected to persist until June 16. However, relief may be on the horizon as the Western Disturbance is likely to bring rain to some areas today and tomorrow. The weather may remain unsettled in certain regions on June 18 and 19 as well.

Despite the intense heat, the hilly areas are not spared, as they too are experiencing unusually high temperatures. The scorching conditions have significantly impacted daily life, with residents and authorities advising caution and measures to stay cool and hydrated.

The current weather patterns serve as a stark reminder of the ongoing changes in climate and their tangible effects on local environments. As Himachal Pradesh endures this heat wave, the importance of climate resilience and adaptive strategies becomes ever more apparent.