Himachal BJP leader and National President of BJYM & MP Anurag Thakur welcomed the decision to hang Ajmal Kasab. Thakur said that Ajmal Kasab was given an opportunity to put his side of the case in all the courts under the Indian judicial and legal system and after passing through all this process he has been hanged today. Through this step the faith of not only Indian people but of people throughout the world has strengthened in Indian judicial and legal system. Besides, it has sent a strong message to terrorists also.

Anurag Thakur has also said that Afjal Guru, who had perpetrated daredevil act of attack on the temple of Indian democracy, has not been hanged so far. In the encounter the Indian security personnel had protected the Indian democracy by laying down their lives. All other pending cases including that of Afjal Guru, who has been convicted and has got death sentence from all the courts should be disposed on priority basis. Double standard on terrorism and terrorists is not good.