The State Government spokesperson has strongly denounced the statement of former DGP I.D. Bhandari, wherein he has dubbed the State Government as most corrupt and accused it for victimizing officials for political gain.

In a statement, the spokesman said that investigation in the phone tapping case was at final stage and charge sheet would be filed in the court soon. He clarified that the Congress led State Government, as per its election promise, soon after taking over the reins in the State, initiated probe into the illegal phone tapping along with other cases of corruption and malpractices during the previous government tenure. He said that feeling the heat of the probe, Bhandari was issuing such baseless and unfounded statements at the behest of his political mentors.

He said that there was widespread public opinion regarding illegal phone tapping done during the BJP regime and accordingly action was taken by the Government as per the law of the land. He said that the record was taken in possession by the Government in order to ensure that the same was not destroyed after the change in Government in the State. He said that now when the people were hoping that the defaulters would be brought to book, those involved in this unlawful act were making unnecessary hue and cry.

The spokesman said it was unfortunate that senior officer after retirement was critical of the action of the Government whereas he was part of the Government few days back. He said that Bhandari was airing his frustration in public which was uncalled for and was an indication of his political alliance with the BJP.

He said that the Government doing its job and does not need a certificate from any body regarding its functioning. He said that it was untoward on the part of Bhandari that he was questioning the integrity of the acting Chief Secretary. He said that the alleged issue was investigated by the previous BJP Government in 2011 and nothing untoward was found. He said that now by raking up the same old issue, Bhandari was trying to blow the trumpet of BJP leaders.

The Spokesman also ridiculed the allegations against the Principal Private Secretary of the Chief Minister and claimed that the case was framed during the tenure of the BJP and it was on record that after investigation and examination of the evidences, the case was sent to the Government of India for prosecution and the Centre Government gave clean chit to the officer.

The Spokesman advised Bhandari to refrain himself from giving such politically motivated statements as this would not stop the State Government from investigating illegal phone tapping case and bring the culprits to books.