Shimla — Himachal Pradesh is enjoying clear weather today, but changes are expected soon. The Meteorological Center in Shimla warns that the weather in the central and high mountain areas will worsen from May 17 to May 21 due to a western disturbance. This will bring rain, light snowfall, and possible thunderstorms to these regions.

Currently, temperatures in various parts of the state reflect the onset of summer. Shimla recorded a minimum temperature of 16.0°C, while Kalpa was cooler at 7.4°C. Dharamshala experienced a warmer night at 20.9°C, and Una was not far behind at 19.7°C. Keylong, one of the higher regions, was chilly at 3.9°C. Palampur recorded 18.0°C, Solan 4.6°C, Kangra 18.4°C, Mandi 14.6°C, Bilaspur 15.8°C, Hamirpur 15.6°C, and Chamba 14.6°C. On Tuesday, maximum temperatures exceeded 35°C in ten areas, marking a significant rise in both maximum and minimum temperatures across the state.

Weather Forecast

From May 17 to May 21, residents and visitors in the central and high-hilly areas should prepare for adverse weather conditions. The western disturbance is expected to bring rain and light snowfall, particularly affecting the higher altitudes. Thunderstorms are also a possibility, which could lead to sudden weather changes and potentially hazardous conditions.