Shimla – In the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections in Himachal Pradesh, a substantial number of voters, totalling 57,11,969, are set to cast their ballots. This significant figure reflects the state’s active participation in the democratic process.

Maneesh Garg, the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), announced today the completion of the finalization of electoral rolls, with a cutoff date of April 1, 2024. According to Garg, this process was carried out by Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) in adherence to the schedule provided by the Election Commission of India on May 14, 2024.

The latest electoral rolls reveal a notable increase in the number of registered voters compared to previous years. With a net addition of 89,212 voters since earlier this year, the total now stands at an impressive 57,11,969.

Garg attributed this surge in voter registration to the concerted efforts of the Election Department, particularly emphasizing the significant rise in registration among young adults aged 18-19. Since the last Lok Sabha Elections in 2019, the number of voters in this age group has increased by 19,285, reaching a total of 171,675 individuals.

Overall, the voter turnout represents a commendable 7.16 percent increase compared to the figures recorded in 2019. Among the 56,45,579 general voters in the state, there are 2,848,326 male voters, 2,797,218 female voters, and 35 transgender voters, along with 66,390 service voters.

One noteworthy demographic shift is the substantial increase in Persons with Disabilities (PwD) voters, which has surged by an impressive 52.63 percent compared to 2019, totaling 57,775 individuals. This increase reflects a broader effort to promote inclusivity and accessibility in the electoral process.

Moreover, the gender balance among voters has seen improvement, with the sex ratio of voters increasing from 980 in 2019 to 982 in 2024, surpassing the state’s population sex ratio of 976.

Garg also highlighted the presence of 1,254 centenarian voters and 60,835 voters aged above 85 years across the state, underscoring the diverse demographic composition of the electorate.

In line with efforts to promote transparency and facilitate voter engagement, the Election Department has made voter lists available on its website. This initiative allows individuals to verify their registration status via the NVSP portal or Voter Helpline mobile application.