Baddi – In a grim turn of events, two more charred bodies were discovered on the tenth day of the relentless search operation following the devastating fire at the NR Aroma Factory in Jharmajri. The bodies were found on the second floor of the factory amidst a pile of debris, with forensic experts stating that the extreme heat had reduced them to skeletons, making identification impossible.

The ongoing search for missing workers was temporarily halted for five days due to the forensic investigation and the removal of hazardous chemical waste from the factory. The authorities resumed the search operation on Sunday after the completion of the cleanup.

Before commencing the search on the second floor, the Search and Disaster Relief Force (SDRF) took precautions by demolishing unsafe parts of the building to ensure the safety of the search team. The painstaking operation continued into the late evening, leading to the recovery of two bodies.

Out of the ten workers reported missing since the tragic incident occurred, the bodies of seven have been recovered, leaving three still unaccounted for. DSP Baddi Khazana Ram provided updates on the recovery efforts, stating that the search team successfully retrieved two bodies during Sunday’s operation. Notably, the bodies were found in a state that only revealed their skeletons.

The unidentified bodies have been sent to the hospital in Nalagarh, where samples will be taken for DNA testing in an attempt to ascertain their identities. The process is expected to provide closure to the families of the victims, who have anxiously awaited news since the fire erupted.

SP Baddi Ilma Afroz expressed condolences and confirmed that the bodies of two out of the five missing workers have been recovered. However, due to the severe burns, identification remains a challenge.