In a resolute move, 2,500 teachers in Himachal Pradesh are demanding the regularization of their services by January 25, warning of an impending hunger strike if their demands are not met. These teachers, appointed by the School Management Committee (SMC), have been grappling with the issue for an extended period.

The president of the SMC Teachers Union, Sunil, emphasized the severity of their decision, stating that the teachers had previously staged a demonstration outside the Himachal Pradesh Secretariat in October. At that time, Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu had assured a resolution to their long-standing demand. However, despite the formation of a cabinet sub-committee in response to their protests, tasked with submitting a conclusive report by December 31, the teachers express deep disappointment over the lack of tangible outcomes.

The teachers’ union is advocating for the formalization of their services, aligning with the practices of other educational bodies like the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Primary Assistant Teachers (PAT), and para teachers. They fervently urge the government to address their concerns on or before Statehood Day, which falls on January 25.

These 2,500 teachers, primarily serving in remote areas, stress that their plea extends beyond individual job security. It encapsulates a broader commitment to ensuring stable and quality education in less accessible regions, where their invaluable contributions have been a cornerstone.