Shimla – In a compelling exploration of India’s future, Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla spearheaded a virtual workshop today at Raj Bhavan, focusing on the pivotal role of youth in realizing the vision of a developed India by 2047. The event, titled “Developed India @ 2047-Voice of Youth,” drew participation from educators and thought leaders across Himachal Pradesh.

Governor Shukla, addressing participants, stressed the need to harness the energy and ideas of the youth to achieve the vision set forth by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, declaring the 21st century as India’s era of confidence and growth.

A pivotal moment of the workshop was the unveiling of the ‘Vision India-2047’ document, a comprehensive roadmap outlining transformative changes required at institutional and structural levels for India’s ascent into the league of developed nations within the next 25 years.

Expressing concern over the escalating issue of drug addiction among the youth, Governor Shukla called for urgent action to halt this troubling trend. With a population of 144 crore, he emphasized India’s unique demographic advantage, which, if leveraged effectively, could position the nation as a global progressive leader.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi contributed to the event by launching the India @2047 Idea Portal. His virtual address added weight to the proceedings, as participants eagerly absorbed insights on the path forward.

The workshop saw the formation of five thematic workgroups, each focusing on critical areas such as Empowered Indian, Thriving and Sustainable Economy, Innovation, Science and Technology, Good Governance and Security, and India in the World. These groups, comprising Vice Chancellors, Directors, Pro-Vice Chancellors, Deans, Principals, Professors, and faculty members from Himachal Pradesh’s universities, presented innovative ideas and strategies.

As the workshop concluded, a shared commitment emerged among participants to foster an environment conducive to unlocking the potential of the youth in shaping India’s future. This event stands as a significant milestone in India’s journey toward becoming a developed and progressive nation by 2047, with the resonant voices of the youth leading the way.