Chamba – The historic town of Chamba came alive today as Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla inaugurated the International Minjar Fair, a grand celebration of Himachal Pradesh’s rich folk culture and traditions. Addressing the gathering as the Chief Guest, Governor Shukla emphasized the crucial role that the state’s ancient heritage plays in its progress and development and urged the preservation of these precious traditions for the benefit of future generations.

Accompanied by Lady Governor Janaki Shukla, Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla made his maiden visit to the Chamba district and expressed his admiration for the Minjar Fair, which epitomizes the unique identity and values of Himachal Pradesh’s culture, fostering brotherhood and fraternity among its people.

During his impassioned speech, the Governor voiced his concern over the recent natural calamities that had wreaked havoc in the state. The heavy rains and floods resulted in the loss of lives and property, leaving the affected communities devastated. Governor Shukla extended his heartfelt gratitude to the Indian Air Force, Army, paramilitary forces, and the local population for their unwavering efforts in relief and rescue operations. The combined response had been instrumental in restoring normalcy to the affected regions.

In recognition of the prompt response from the government, administration, and police forces, as well as the significant central assistance of over 350 crores, Governor Shukla applauded the coordinated efforts that contributed to overcoming the challenges posed by the natural disaster. He also called upon Non-Governmental Organizations to come forward and lend their support to assist those still struggling in the aftermath.

However, amidst the celebrations and expressions of solidarity, the Governor did not shy away from addressing a grave concern that has been plaguing the state – the rising drug addiction. Governor Shukla acknowledged the State Government’s efforts in combatting this menace but emphasized the need for collective awareness and action to curb the spread of illegal drugs. In his view, the preservation of culture and traditions is instrumental in countering anti-social elements seeking to harm society.

The Minjar Fair stands as a testament to Himachal Pradesh’s deep-rooted connections with its ancient folk traditions, beliefs, and faiths. As the festivities continue, the Governor’s call for cultural preservation and anti-drug awareness resonates throughout the state, urging the people to protect their heritage and build a stronger, drug-free future for Himachal Pradesh.