In an unprecedented move, Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla has officially inaugurated the grand Himachal Pradesh Raj Bhavan for public access. Starting this weekend, the opulent Raj Bhavan will be open to the general public every Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm to 5 pm, inviting visitors to delve into its rich historical legacy.

Governor Shukla, speaking during the inauguration ceremony, highlighted the Raj Bhavan’s origins as the Barnes Court, an architectural gem dating back to the British colonial era in 1832. The construction of this exquisite heritage building saw the remarkable contribution of skilled Indian craftsmen, whose artistry remains embedded in its walls. Throughout its existence, this iconic structure has witnessed pivotal historical events, carrying stories that shaped the region.

Governor Shukla emphasized his vision of breaking the barriers that often confine such heritage sites to ceremonial functions. He expressed a profound desire to usher in a new era, allowing the public to intimately experience the Raj Bhavan’s grandeur during the ‘Amrit-Kaal,’ or the golden hours of the weekend. This initiative aims to create an educational platform for visitors to engage with the historical significance of the building and deepen their understanding of its legacy.

Notably, access to the Raj Bhavan will be granted to school students from the state and children under ten, absolutely free of charge, requiring valid identity verification. For students from universities and colleges, as well as visitors from within and beyond the state, a nominal fee of Rs 30 will grant them entry. Foreign tourists, eager to explore this captivating piece of history, will be required to pay an entry fee of Rs. 60. The initiative also stands in support of inclusivity, offering free entry to individuals with disabilities and those who have achieved national and state-level recognition. As a bonus, visitors will receive complimentary soft copies of up to 6 photographs capturing the Raj Bhavan’s splendour, along with an informative brochure.

Before exploring the Raj Bhavan’s interiors, visitors will be treated to a captivating short film that delves into its historical and archaeological significance, providing context to the grandeur they are about to experience. The management has thoughtfully designed group entry options, allowing up to 15 individuals to explore together. For school trips, the group size can extend to 30 students, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.