Former National President of Congress Rahul Gandhi is set to make a visit to Kullu-Manali on August 16. The visit is prompted by the recent natural disaster that has affected the region. Rahul Gandhi will attend a Tourism Conclave during his visit and assess the damage caused by the calamity from Kullu to Manali.

Chief Parliamentary Secretary Sundar Singh Thakur announced the visit during a press conference in Kullu on Sunday. He mentioned that Rahul Gandhi expressed his desire to visit the area in light of the disaster’s impact.

The Tourism Conclave aims to address the challenges faced by the tourism industry due to the disaster. Representatives from various tourism-related sectors, including hotels, homestays, travel agencies, river rafting, paragliding, Volvo bus unions, and taxi unions, will participate in the event. The conclave will focus on finding ways to rejuvenate the tourism sector, a key driver of the local economy.

Rahul Gandhi’s visit holds significance as he plans to engage directly with tourism businessmen and stakeholders. This interaction is expected to provide insights into the challenges faced and potential paths to recovery.

Congress workers in the region have expressed optimism about Rahul Gandhi’s visit, viewing it as a gesture of support and concern for the affected communities.