The Himachal Pradesh Staff Selection Commission’s ongoing saga of fraudulent activities continues to cast a shadow of doubt over aspiring candidates and their hard work. In the latest revelation, the JE civil recruitment exam (postcode 970), conducted by the now-defunct commission, has been exposed as yet another victim of a paper leak.

A total of 8,016 hopeful candidates applied for the exam, with 5,524 individuals actually participating in the examination on May 24, 2022. Regrettably, the results were far from promising, as 36 candidates managed to secure a passing score. After an exhaustive three-month investigation, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) has irrefutably confirmed the paper leak, leading to the filing of a case against the individuals involved. Among the accused are Mukesh Kumar, a candidate implicated in the scandal, as well as brokers Ranjit Singh and Ravi Kumar, along with the former commission secretary, Dr Jitendra Kanwar. The case has been registered at the Vigilance police station in Hamirpur.

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, SP Vigilance Rahul Nath affirmed that the SIT has taken action by filing a case against all four individuals involved in the paper leak of the JE civil recruitment exam.

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The ramifications of this scandal extend beyond the immediate disappointment experienced by the affected aspirants. It raises significant questions regarding the integrity of the commission’s recruitment process, significantly eroding public trust in the fairness and transparency of the selection system.

The revelation of yet another paper leak within the commission has ignited public outcry and demands stringent measures to safeguard the sanctity of examinations. Urgent steps must be taken to restore confidence in the system, ensuring that the hard work and aspirations of deserving students are not unjustly compromised.