A distressing incident unfolded near the Great Himalayan National Park as a tourist was swept away in the mighty currents of the Tirthan River. The incident occurred near the Hippo Waterfall on Sunday afternoon.

The tourist, a woman in her late forties identified as Kiran Bapna from Bengaluru, was enjoying a leisurely walk with her husband when tragedy struck. The couple had ventured into the area without the guidance of a professional, catching the attention of forest department personnel stationed at the entrance.

Alarmed by the unfolding events, a concerted search effort was promptly initiated by concerned individuals present at the scene. Despite their best efforts, however, no information about the missing woman’s whereabouts has been obtained thus far, leaving the search party anxiously hoping for positive news.

The local police, joined by volunteers from the community, have since launched an intensive search operation along the Tirthan River. DSP Banjar Sher Singh Thakur, overseeing the operation, emphasized the police department’s commitment to finding the missing tourist.

This unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder of the inherent risks associated with exploring nature’s wonders without proper guidance and precautionary measures.