The Himachal Pradesh Horticulture Products Marketing and Processing Corporation (HPMC) is set to revolutionize the storage of apples in the state. In a significant development, HPMC will introduce wooden and plastic bins for its Controlled Atmosphere (CA) stores, ensuring that the apple fruit remains fresh for up to six months.

Traditionally, apple growers stored their produce in cartons within HPMC’s CA stores. However, the lack of proper air circulation within the cartons often compromised the quality of the apples. Moreover, there were instances of damage to the cartons, which caused losses for the growers.

To address these challenges, HPMC is now embracing a new approach. By utilizing wooden and plastic bins, the freshness of the apples can be better preserved. This innovative storage method not only enhances the quality of the fruit but also maximizes the utilization of the CA store’s capacity.

HPMC currently operates CA stores in OD and Rohru in Kumarsain, with a combined capacity of 700 metric tonnes. Additionally, Gumma and Jarol Tikkar in Kotkhai host CA stores with a total capacity of 640 metric tonnes. Each location comprises multiple chambers, with Odi and Rohru having four chambers of 175 metric tonnes each, while Gumma and Jarol Tikkar boast eight chambers of 80 metric tonnes each. Apples stored in these chambers can now be maintained for an extended period of six months.

Experts in the field have voiced their support for the introduction of wooden and plastic bins. They anticipate that this innovative storage method will safeguard the freshness and quality of the apples, resulting in better prices for the growers. By improving the storage conditions and ensuring adequate air circulation, HPMC aims to enhance the overall value of the apple produce.

This initiative by HPMC exemplifies the organization’s commitment to embracing new technologies and practices to benefit apple growers in Himachal Pradesh. By adopting wooden and plastic bins for the CA stores, HPMC is providing a more reliable and efficient storage solution, which will have a positive impact on the Apple industry in the region.