In a move aimed at supporting apple growers and ensuring optimal storage conditions, the Himachal Pradesh Horticultural Produce Marketing and Processing Corporation (HPMC) has announced the fixed rates for storing apples at the HPMC CA Stores for the upcoming 2023 Apple season.

The spokesperson of HPMC stated that the corporation has taken steps to provide convenient and flexible options for farmers and apple growers. For those who wish to utilize their own bins/crates, the storage rate has been set at an affordable Rs. 1.60 per kg per month. Alternatively, for those who prefer to use the bins/crates provided by HPMC, the rate will be marginally higher at Rs. 1.70 per kg per month.

Recognizing the vital contribution of private companies and firms to the Apple industry, HPMC is also offering storage facilities at competitive rates. Private companies and firms can store apples in their own bins/crates at a rate of Rs. 1.90 per kg per month. Alternatively, if they opt for the bins/crates provided by HPMC, the rate will be slightly higher at Rs. 2.00 per kg per month. These rates reflect the value placed on high-quality storage facilities that preserve the freshness and quality of the apples.

To ensure consistency and streamline the storage process, HPMC has directed that only crates/bins should be used for storing apples across all CA stores. This standardized approach aims to enhance efficiency and maintain uniformity in storage practices, ultimately benefiting all stakeholders.

The spokesperson emphasized that HPMC is committed to establishing a fair and mutually beneficial arrangement for all involved parties, including esteemed apple growers, private companies, and firms. By providing affordable rates and optimizing storage conditions, HPMC aims to support the Apple industry and contribute to its continued success.

The announcement of these fixed rates for apple season storage at HPMC CA Stores is set to facilitate smooth operations and uphold the quality standards that Himachal Pradesh’s apples are renowned for. As the apple season approaches, growers and stakeholders can take advantage of these favourable storage options, ensuring their produce remains fresh and market-ready.