In a significant move that directly benefits horticulturists, the storage rates for Shimla and Kinnaur apples have been reduced by 40 paise per kg per month in the Controlled Atmosphere (CA) stores operated by the Himachal Pradesh Marketing Corporation (HPMC), a State Government undertaking. Revenue and Horticulture Minister Jagat Singh Negi announced this positive development during a press conference held in Reckong Peo on Sunday.

Previously, horticulturists were charged Rs 2 per kg per month for storing their apples in HPMC’s CA stores, while traders had to pay Rs 2.10. However, in a move to support the horticulture industry, the government has now reduced the storage rates, with horticulturists paying Rs 1.60 and traders paying Rs 1.90 per kg per month. This reduction will directly benefit thousands of gardeners across the state.

Addressing the topic of universal cartons, Minister Negi shared that in the recent budget session, it was decided that apples would be traded in mandis (markets) based on kilos. As part of this decision, it was also agreed that carton or crate packing of apples weighing above 24 kg would not be launched in the market this year.

The reduced storage rates for Shimla and Kinnaur apples mark a significant step in supporting the horticulture sector in Himachal Pradesh. By easing the financial burden on horticulturists and ensuring fairer rates, the government aims to foster a conducive environment for apple growers and promote the overall growth of the industry. With these measures, the government envisions a prosperous future for the cultivation and trade of Shimla and Kinnaur apples in the state.