Shimla and various regions of Himachal Pradesh are in for an extended stretch of unfavourable weather conditions. The latest weather forecast indicates that these challenging conditions are expected to persist for the next four days. The Meteorological Center in Shimla has issued predictions of continuous rainfall until May 30, affecting multiple areas including the plains, middle regions, and high hills of the state.

Additionally, higher elevations may experience light snowfall during this period. To ensure preparedness, a yellow alert has been issued, cautioning residents and visitors about the potential occurrence of thunderstorms at select locations.

Saturday is anticipated to witness inclement weather across numerous areas of the state. However, Friday, brought a combination of partly cloudy skies and intermittent sunshine to several regions, including the capital city of Shimla. Maximum temperatures recorded on Friday reached 32.2 degrees Celsius in Una, 31.0 degrees Celsius in Bilaspur, 30.9 degrees Celsius in Mandi, 30.6 degrees Celsius in Chamba, 30.5 degrees Celsius in Kangra, 30.3 degrees Celsius in Hamirpur, 28.1 degrees Celsius in Nahan, 27.5 degrees Celsius in Solan, 27.0 degrees Celsius in Dharamshala, 22.2 degrees Celsius in Shimla, 17.5 degrees Celsius in Kalpa, and 14.4 degrees Celsius in Keylong.

Stay prepared and informed about the latest weather conditions to adapt your plans accordingly and ensure your safety during this extended period of inclement weather in Shimla and Himachal Pradesh.

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