Shimla: Upbeat with the thumping victory in the Karnataka state elections, Himachal Congress President and Mandi MP Pratibha Singh has expressed confidence that in 2024, the Congress will form a popular government at the Centre.

Pratibha Singh stated that the results of the Karnataka elections prove that the winds are against the BJP in the country and that the countdown of BJP’s rule has begun.

The victory in Karnataka is seen as a significant boost for Congress, which has been struggling to regain ground in the southern states of India. With this win, the party hopes to revive its fortunes in other states as well and build momentum for the upcoming general elections in 2024.

The Congress’ victory in Karnataka sends a clear message to the BJP that divisive politics will not be accepted by the people of India, Singh further commented.

It remains to be seen how the BJP will react to this setback and whether it will change its approach in the future. The Congress party is optimistic about its future prospects and looks forward to continuing its winning streak in the upcoming state elections and ultimately the 2024 general elections.