The Elementary Education Department has taken a significant step towards filling a total of 5,291 positions for TGT Arts, Medical, and Non-Medical teachers. Out of these positions, the department has commenced the process of filling 2,800 posts in a batch-wise manner.

In preparation for the recruitment process, the Elementary Education Department has prepared a proposal outlining the necessary steps and requirements. The proposal has been submitted to the government for permission to proceed with the recruitment. Once the government grants approval, the department will begin the district-wise recruitment process.

The recruitment process will consider different batches of candidates for each subject. Currently, the department is conducting the 1999 B.Ed batch for TGT Arts. Candidates who completed their B.Ed in 2001 and 2002, specializing in medical and non-medical fields, will also be eligible for these posts. It is important to note that the selection process will adhere to the recruitment and promotion rules set forth by the department.

To be eligible for these positions, candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree, hold a B.Ed qualification, and have a valid TAT (Teacher Aptitude Test) score. These requirements ensure that only qualified and competent individuals are considered for teaching positions.

The government has granted a three-month time frame to the Elementary Education Department to complete the recruitment process. In light of this deadline, the department has promptly initiated the necessary steps to fill the vacant positions. With the recruitment process underway, the department aims to select capable and dedicated teachers who will contribute to the quality education provided in elementary schools.

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