Kullu: In a tragic incident, a tourist lost his life after his raft capsized in the Beas River near Chharudu, just six kilometers away from the Kullu district headquarters in Himachal Pradesh. The incident occurred on Thursday when seven people were enjoying rafting on the waves of Beas. The tourists had started their rafting journey from Babeli Point, and the accident occurred near Chharudu.

According to reports, the raft overturned suddenly, leading to the tragic incident. The deceased has been identified as Haresh Nagindas Shah from Goregaon West in Mumbai. The woman injured in the accident, Jai Shri Gandhi, Mumbai, is currently undergoing treatment at the Civil Hospital in Kullu.

Rafting is a popular activity in the region, with thousands of tourists visiting the area to experience the thrill of riding the waves of the Beas River. However, incidents like these serve as a stark reminder of the dangers associated with adventure sports.

This incident highlights the need for caution and safety measures to be taken while engaging in adventure sports. The authorities have appealed to all tourists to strictly adhere to the guidelines and regulations laid down for such activities to avoid such unfortunate incidents in the future.