The Member of Parliament for Ladakh in the Lok Sabha, Jamyang Namgyal, has criticized Maruti Corporation for allegedly damaging the fragile ecosystem of the Leh region. The car manufacturer reportedly drove a vehicle, the Jimny, recklessly through a river in Leh for the purpose of filming an advertisement, causing significant environmental damage.

In a tweet, Namgyal condemned the company’s actions and called on the local administration to take legal action to prevent further damage to the ecosystem. He also emphasized the need to protect the unique natural beauty of Ladakh for future generations.

Twitter users have expressed their support for Namgyal’s stance, with many expressing concerns about the potential impact of such activities on the region’s already fragile ecosystem. Some have also suggested that limiting the number of visitors to Leh and Ladakh could help preserve the area’s heritage and environment.

Namgyal’s condemnation of Maruti Corporation’s actions highlights the urgent need for greater efforts to protect the fragile ecosystems of the Leh region and the wider Himalayas. With its unique natural beauty and biodiversity, the region is a vital component of the global ecosystem and must be protected for the sake of both current and future generations.

The Leh and Himalayan region is known for its fragile ecosystem and unique biodiversity. The region is home to several endangered species, and the pollution caused by reckless driving and commercial activities can have devastating effects on the environment. It is crucial to take steps to protect the region’s natural resources and promote sustainable tourism.