One day State Level Conference on Business Regiser, Index Industrial Production and Annual Survey of Industries was organised today at Himachal Bhawan, Chandigarh to sensitize the importance of Business Register in analysis of the business population and its demography for the use of administrative data and for the identification and construction of statistical units. Another important issue i.e. preparation of Index Industrial Production and Annual Survey of Industries was discussed.

The conference was inaugurated by Pradeep Chauhan, Economic Adviser, Himachal Pradesh. In his introductory remarks he expressed his confidence that the data collected for business register will be recognised as the authoritative source of data on business population and demography. It will certainly help for sampling frame for all business surveys within the national statistical system.

In regard to preparation of Index Industrial Production he told that in the era of Economic Planning accurate and upto date Industrial Statistics are essential for policy be it public or corporate sector. Compilation of comparable state level IIP will facilitate comparative studies on performance of States/ U.Ts. in the industrial sector. He further explained that Annual Survey of Industries is the principal source of industrial statistics in India. He told that data under ASI will be collected for registered manufacturing sector which will be further used in the estimation of national income studies industrial structure and policy formation.

The Economic Adviser told that the data for preparation of IIP will be required from 469 factories in the state and under Annual Survey of Industries data will be collected from 480 registered manufacturing units of Himachal Pradesh. He appealed to the owner of factories owner and office bearers of the Industries Associations of the state to co-operate in providing the timely, correct and authentic information to the department of Economics and Statistics, Himachal Pradesh.

A.K. Sadhu, DDG, Sunil Jain, DDG, Ram Krishan, DDG and S. Bhattacharya, Dy. Director from Industrial Statistics Division, Central Statistiscal Organisation, Govt. of India also attended the workshop and all technical aspects i.e. concepts, definition, survey design, procedures and survey instruments of ASI, collection of Industrial Statistics for preparation of IIP in the state and preparation of Business Register were discussed and explained by them in the workshop. Some very relevant inputs were given by the different line department and office bearer of Industrial Association and which will be very helpful to develop a sound data base for industrial statistics.

About 50 delegates (i.e. Additional Commissioner, Income Tax, Labour Commissioner, Secretary, State Electricity Regulatory Commission, H.P. and officers from line department and office bearer of different industrial association attended the conference.