Shimla: Contradicting the news reports of delay in the salary of government employees, the state government has confirmed that the employees will get their salaries on time.

In a press statement, a State Government spokesperson contradicted the news published under the title ‘Sarkari karamchariyon ko alag-alag tithiyon mein vetan dene ke taiyari’ appearing in a section of press on Tuesday and clarified that the govt has not taken any such decision.

Terming the news as misleading and beyond facts, a spokesperson has clarified that “no such decision has been taken by the government to pay salaries to the government employees on different dates.”

“Government employees would continue to get salary on the first day of the month as per past practice,” the spokesperson further clarified.

He appealed to all government employees not to believe in such baseless information.

Earlier today, most of the leading vernacular dailies carried a news of ‘Delay in Government Employees’ salaries due to crunch financial situation’ and claimed that the state Govt is preparing a plan to disburse the salaries on different dates.