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Shimla: Accusing Speaker Vipin Parmar of being partial to the opposition’s MLAs during the ongoing monsoon session, Congress MLAs demanded the removal of Parmar as the speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

Congress MLAs on Friday boycotted the proceedings of the last day of the monsoon session and sat outside Legislative Assembly with black ribbons tied on their arms. They also handed over a resolution under Article 179c of the Constitution and rule 274(1) of the rule of procedure and conduct of business seeking the removal of Parmar as the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

Congress MLAs have alleged that Speaker Vipin Singh Parmar is failing to uphold the rights and privileges of the members of the opposition and is carrying out the proceedings of the house like a dictator.

Leader of Opposition Mukesh Agnihotri said that Vipin Parmar does not work like a speaker, he works as a leader of a particular party. He said that the Speaker, while presiding over the proceedings of the Assembly, openly talks and backs his affiliation to the ideology of the Rashtriya Sawayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

“The speaker has to be neutral and he should not favour any political ideology” he added.

“What’s surprising is that he has said many times that he is not bound to follow the rules of procedure. This is against the spirit of the Constitution” said Agnihotri.

Agnihotri further said that even while dealing with notices on behalf of the members of the opposition, he is not behaving fairly.

“The MLAs have lost faith in Vipin Parmar; therefore, he should immediately be removed as the Speaker to protect the rights of the members of the Legislative Assembly,” said Agnihotri.

Meanwhile, Vipin Singh Parmar while addressing the media said that it is the fundamental right of the opposition to protest and he would not like to comment on it. However, it is on the record that how much time was given to all the members of the house to raise their issues, therefore, their logic seems beyond the facts.