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Shimla: The Superintendent of Police (SP) Shimla Mohit Chawla has urged the tourists not to litter, obey traffic rules and follow covid-19 protocols.

“We know that you love to visit Himachal and we also want you to have a great time but we urge you not to violate covid-19 protocols as the pandemic is not ended,” SP Shimla said while addressing media on Wednesday.

Chawla said that recent incidents of littering by tourists have been reported which is not acceptable.

“People of the state and the administration have worked hard to maintain the cleanliness in the towns as well as the other parts of the state. Therefore, tourists should not litter in open places and should contribute to making Shimla clean and green, SP Chawla added.

Recently several incidents of tourist hooliganism were witnessed in Shimla, Manali and other towns where tourists were seen quarrelling with police officials and the local residents. Several tourists were seen roaming around in tourist places without wearing face masks and when they were asked they started to argue with the police officials. Incident of tourists arguing with police officials for idle parking and not obeying traffic rules have also been reported.

Pictures and videos of tourist littering openly also went viral on social media and garnered criticism from locals as well as the other parts of the country alike.