Hitting out at the reports of ‘Pegasus Project’ that has claimed that Pegasus spyware has been allegedly used to spy over politicians and journalists, BJP State President and MP Suresh Kashyap on Tuesday said that this fake report appears to be an attempt to defame Indian democracy and its well-established institutions.

In a statement issued by Kashyap, he asked that why was this fake Pegasus story created just before the monsoon session? Was it a pre-planned strategy of some to bring it just before the monsoon session?

Kashyap said that Congress has stooped to the lowest level.

He said that the only reason for Congress to support the reports is that Congress is losing across the country.

Kashyap said that not a single piece of evidence has been presented to link the Indian government with this fake story.

“Deliberate attempts are being made to disrupt the house during the monsoon session to create a baseless agenda in the country” he added.

“We can’t deny that institutions like Amnesty have in many ways have pushed an anti-India agenda? When we asked them about their foreign funding as per law, they left the country” he said.

“This is a new low for India if our opposition parties are involved as ‘supari’ agents,” said Kashyap.

He said that a reply to an RTI filed in 2013 revealed that around 9,000 phone and 500 email accounts were monitored every month by the UPA government at that time.

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Navneet Rathore is a Shimla based journalist having two-years of experience in the field of journalism. Navneet is a post-graduate in Journalism and Mass Communications from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla and is specialised in crime, education, health, environment, agriculture and Horticulture beats.