Shimla: Concerned with the alarming rise of covid-19 across the country and people getting panicky, former Deputy Mayor Municipal Corporation Shimla and former Vice Chairman HPTDC sought timely preparation in Himachal Pradesh before the situation gets out of control.

“In a panicky situation when there is shortage of beds, oxygen or other logistics, people rush to hospitals even when they have very mild symptoms. That puts unnecessary pressure on medical staff and infrastructure. Consequently, people start rushing from one hospital to another and even from one place to another,” he said.

Such situations can be avoided if there have a block-wise and district wise dashboard of beds availability in all primary health centers, block-level hospitals and district hospitals, he recommended.

List of beds available should be shared every day by the district authorities with all Panchayat Pradhans. In case of medical need, affected people can contact Pradhan of their respective Panchayat so that the patients know in advance where the beds are available. In case of cities and municipalities, list of available beds can be shared with elected councillors, he suggested.

“Similar list of beds available should be prepared in respect of medical colleges and shared with all Panchayats and Municipalities,” he proposed, suggesting acquiring of 10 to 15 % beds in all private hospitals and attach them with nearest government hospitals for control and command.

“In the meantime, state government can also consider a lockdown of 7 to 8 days to get a respite from fast spreading chain of infection. This will also give some relief to our dedicated team of doctors, nurses and other staff members. However, during the lockdown, government will have to take care of vulnerable sections of society,” he advocated.

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