Bahra University

Shimla: Second Covid-19 wave has been proved more virulent and fatal as compared to the first wave of the infection in the state.

The state has reported the first case of the Covid virus over 15 months back. On 23rd February 2021, there were only around 200 active cases in the state and till then, 58,403 positive cases and 982 deaths had been recorded in the State during the first wave of the disease. Whereas, 1,25,944 positive cases and 1935 deaths have been reported during the second wave till now.

Comparing the first and the second wave it is being observed that the case Positivity of 15.73 in the second wave is much higher than the case Positivity of 5.48 in the first wave. The State has ensured to enhance their infrastructure and service delivery as per the need during this second wave.

The fatality rate of 1.68 had been recorded in the first wave in the state, while the 1.54 fatality rate has been recorded till now in the second wave, a health department spokesperson confirmed.

The Government spokesperson claimed that the Government has adequately increased its capacity of testing, isolating and treating. A total of 10,63,922 tests were done in the first wave whereas 8,00,895 tests have been done to date during the second wave in such a short span of time.