A Govt. Spokesman said here today that Haj Committee of India has fixed the foreign exchange rate of one Saudi Riyal equivalent to Indian Rupees 12.1935 for 1432 (H)-2011-(AD). He said that all intending Haj Pilgrims of Himachal Pradesh are advised to deposit the balance amount of Foreign Exchange in accordance with the accommodation category opted by them and allotted by the Haj Committee of India and in accordance of their foreign exchange entitlement.

He further said that the balance amount of Foreign Exchange in India Rupee have to be paid by the Pilgrims proceeding for Haj from Himachal Pradesh. Remaining amount has to be deposited by pilgrim, green accommodation type Rs. 89,906, White, Rs. 80,152 and Aziziya Rs. 73,079.

Spokesman said that the amount has to be deposited in the current Bank Account No. 31136268352 maintained by SBI Mumbai, through core Banking System. The Cover No. issued by HCI must be mentioned clearly on the pay-in-slip. The last date for depositing the balance amount is 03-09-2010.