Shimla: Around 91.9 percent of the Health Care Workers in the state has been administered the first dose of vaccine, against the national average of 88.7 percent.

A government spokesperson on Wednesday further informed that the state has administered 2nd dose of vaccine to 90.3% of its Health Care Workers whereas the National average is 79.1%.

“The percentage of population of 45 plus who have been vaccinated with first dose in the state is 78% whereas the national average is 30%,” said the spokesperson, further adding that constant efforts are being done to ensure enhancement in the coverage of vaccination amongst the eligible population.

Those people who have got their first dose of vaccine 4-6 weeks earlier should come forward and get themselves inoculated with 2nd dose of vaccine so that effective immunity can be developed, he added.

The spokespersons further informed that there are sufficient doses available for vaccination of prioritized groups i.e., people more than 45 years of age, Health Care Workers and Front Line Workers.