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Mathematics is an essential and scoring subject for JEE Main aspirants. It is like a lifesaver for many aspirants as they can score full in this section. Hence, preparing the JEE Main Syllabus for the Mathematics section is as crucial as that of the Physics and Chemistry sections. However, students are often afraid of Maths and at times avoid the subject. There is no solution to a problem unless one faces it. Hence, a positive approach and lots of practice are required to cover the JEE Main Maths syllabus.

This year the Maths section was moderately tricky in both the JEE Main Exam sessions so far, i.e., February and March. The questions asked were lengthy and, at times, tricky in general. But there is no reason to be stressed with Mathematics as in this article; we will discuss essential tips and a solid preparation plan to destress from JEE Main Syllabus for Mathematics. We have also shared a few sample questions on Maths as complimentary.

13 Tricks to Destress from JEE Main Syllabus for Mathematics

We have shared 7 important points to remember to destress yourself along with a complete preparation plan to cover the JEE Main Syllabus (Mathematics):

  1. If students are afraid of Maths it will not help. They need to have a positive approach towards it. Instead of avoiding, the practice is the only way to score full marks in Mathematics in JEE Main examination.
  2. Students should analyze the JEE Main syllabus and Exam Pattern well and then practise more relevant questions as per the level of examination.
  3. Understand the latest trend of questions asked in recent examinations.
  4. Students should practise previous year question papers to analyze the pattern of examination properly.
  5. Mock Tests are also necessary to check the preparation level, so the students should attempt more mock tests to score full marks in Mathematics.
  6. Mark the weak areas and practise more on them to score good marks.
  7. Time management is an essential factor for all aspirants to strengthen preparation.

JEE Main Syllabus: Mathematics Preparation Plan

Here are some basic rules should be followed by students to score good marks in mathematics:

  1. Time Management – Time management is essential for students to prepare all the topics well. Every chapter requires equal time, so the students should follow a perfect time table to score heavily. One should practise Mathematics questions in a time bound manner. It can help students to solve more questions in a given duration of time.
  2. Make an Effective Revision – Revision is mandatory to score well in the examination. Students must prepare short notes of all the Maths topics and concepts; it can save their valuable time and help them revise the whole subject. There is no sectional timing in JEE Main examination, but with speedy calculation, students can save their time and use this time in the other two sections.
  3. Maintain Accuracy – Accuracy matters in the Maths section of the JEE Main examination. The accuracy can also be improved by practising more questions on every chapter. In this examination, students should focus on quality rather than quantity. They may not need to solve maximum questions but solve minimum questions with accuracy. If the accuracy is not maintained in the Maths section, then the score will be less.
  4. Practise Test Series – Practising Test series is important to check the preparation level and accuracy. Students should follow the relevant test series after completing all the chapters. Thus, they can identify their weak points and then can improve upon them. The students can take the free mocks on NTA website or the paid test series to improve their score and rank in the examination.
  5. Give time to the Hobby – While preparing the JEE Main Syllabus for Maths section, some students ignore their hobby and study continuously, but this practise is not good. Students should invest some time in their hobbies; it can make them fresh and energetic. They should follow a healthy timetable by giving time to the hobbies, physical health, and mental health to perform well in the examination. They should revise all the formulas to solve the numerical problems in a given time.
  6. Work on Calculations – Students need to possess strong calculation skills to score good marks in Mathematics.

The JEE Main Syllabus for Mathematics is lengthy so the students need to prepare the whole syllabus with the tricks and plans mentioned above. You can also get more updates related to JEE Main Syllabus from the following link –

Some questions of Mathematics for JEE Main

Question 1.

The locus of the point of intersection of the lines xcost+(1-cost)y=asint and xsint-(1+cost)y+asint=0 is

  1.  x2-y2=a2 3) y2 = ax
  2. x2+y2=a2 4) x2 = ay

After rearranging the above mentioned equations, we will get

1-cost/sint=a-x/y and 1+cost/sint=a+x/y

multiplying the above equations, we get x2+y2=a2

Question 2.

The Lines ax+by+c=0, where 3a+2b+4c=0 & a,b,c all belong to the set of real numbers that are concurrent at the point?

  1. (3,2) 3) (3,4)
  2. (2,4) 4) (3/4, 1/2)

According to the problem,

3a+2b+4c =0, which equals (3/4)a+(1/2)b+c=0

Hence, the line will pass through (3/4,1/2)

Question 3.

If the line x=k; k= 1,2,3,…..,n meet the line y=3x+4 at the points Ak(xk,yk), k= 1,2,3…..,then the ordinate of the centre of the mean position of points Ak, k= 1,2,3,…..,n is

  1. n+1/2
  2. 3n+11/2
  3. 3(n+1)/2
  4. None of the above

According to the problem we have yk=3k+4, the ordinate of intersection of x=k and y=3x+4. Hence, the ordinate of the mean position of the points Ak k= 1,2,3,…..,n is (1/n){sum of all yk’s} which is equals to 3n+11/2

JEE Main 2021 Syllabus: Best Recommended Books for Mathematics

                    Books                        Author
    Class XI and XII Mathematics                R. D. Sharma
            IIT Mathematics                M. L. Khanna
          Differential Calculus                  Das Gupta
  Integral Calculus for IIT – JEE                Amit Agarwal
      Mathematics for JEE Main            Cengage Publisher
  Calculus and Analytic Geometry          Thomas and Finney
            Higher Algebra            Hall and Knight

The syllabus of Mathematics is lengthy, but the students can prepare it well by following the relevant sources like reference books, top e-learning platforms, etc. The students can prepare mathematics easily with the right strategy and good planning. The accuracy and speed can be only maintained in Mathematics through practise. We are sure that the above tricks and information will definitely help students to destress while preparing the JEE Main Syllabus for Mathematics.