Ladakh: Notable technologist Sonam Wanghchuk has developed a Solar Heated portable Tent for the Indian Army.

Solar Heated Tent can accommodate about 10 Jawans and can maintain inside temperature between 10 to 15 degrees in the icy night of the Himalayan region. The weight of this portable tent is less than 30 kilos and army jawans can use it the way they need.

Sharing photos of the solar-powered tent, Wangchuk revealed that the tent could sustain even under sub-zero temperatures such as minus 14 degrees Celcius.

Wanghchuk invention is also carbon-neutral will help to reduce the use of pollutant kerosene and other fuel-burning and will eventually help to reduce pollution in the fragile Himalayan region.

Solar tent was built with a cost of within Rs. 5 Lakhs, Sonam Wanghchuk revealed.  

Bahra University