A dream escape for many, Dharamshala always tops the charts as a favoured getaway in the Northern part of India. This majestic place charms one and all with its irresistible scenery resting against the backdrop of Dhauladhar mountain ranges. It’s an excellent destination for travelers craving to experience mountain life in the lap of nature. Here, you get the best opportunity to beat stress as it’s close to Namgyal monastery and the official residence of His Holiness, Dalai Lama in McLeod Ganj which accounts for the undulated serenity prevailing in Dharamshala and nearby places.

The hilly terrains, villages, and hamlets located in and around Dharamshala store limitless avenues to fulfill your pursuit of adventure and spirituality. Dharamshala is the best and most convenient destination whether you are an adventure enthusiast, a book lover, or someone looking for a secret space to commit to your daily work schedule amid views of nature.

Here are five nearby places to visit in Dharamshala to experience all the little traits tucked in its remote regions that make for a truly gratifying vacation.

  • Dharamkot

If work is on your mind and crowds deter you from enjoying the luscious landscape of McLeod Ganj, head to Dharamkot, a paradise for refuge seekers trickling in from different corners. Situated at the base of Triund hill, the most popular destination for trekkers, this place gives the best views of Dhauladhars and the entire Kangra valley. Largely frequented by foreign tourists, this place holds a character that blends perfectly with whatever work goals you have. Ample greenery with soul-soothing views of rhododendron trees, mountains and streams flowing through allow you to be at your best compared to working in packed cubicles in cities.

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  • Bhagsunag

For an activity-filled day with a bit of adventure thrown in, a visit to Bhagsu is a good way to spend your weekend. This place packs in the essence of Tibetan life with a series of kiosks selling traditional Tibetan wares in its streets. Hike up towards Bhagsu waterfall to witness the most gorgeous scenery of McLeod Ganj. The cafes abounding in Bhagsu are perfect jaunts to relish a cup of coffee with steaming momos amid the misty surroundings.

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  • Kareri Lake

Kareri village is one place that gives you that much-needed space and secrecy you deserve to get the best of nature. This not-so-popular village has everything that makes it a perfect getaway for weekend visits. It also gives a break from the crowds visiting Triund hill and lets you relax amid peace and greenery the place boasts of. The highlight of your trek to Kareri village is the beauteous lake that gives a whole new meaning to your trekking experience.

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  • Lam Dal Lake

Those wishing to encounter the breath-taking scenery of Dhauladhar from a different angle should opt to go on a trek to Lam Dal Lake – the most sacred lake in the entire Dhauladhar region. The journey to this lake starts at Kareri Lake and gives you access to all the passes you could only view from Kareri village. As you move up in your trek, be prepared to familiarize yourself with the narrowing of the valley which might scare you in the beginning but once you reach the highest point, it will be worth the experience.

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  • Khaniara

If you are yearning some moments of solitude away from the buzz of tourists in Dharamshala, a quiet escape into Khaniara valley is just what you need. This tiny village lets you be at peace with nature and wallow in its rustic charm. This place has numerous locations offering facilities for camping and trekking that set you in the right mood for some mountain adventure. Meet the locals herding their flock of sheep as you scale up in your trek to Thathrana.

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  • How to reach Dharamshala

By Air: Again, the nearest airport is Gaggal Airport, about 15 kms from Dharamsala. The air services aren’t regular owing to climatic and other conditions, so it is suggested to confirm the operational status of air services in advance.

By Train: Trains from Pathankot railway station brings travelers to Kangra railway station. The distance between the two is 94 kms. Afterwards, public transport and private cabs are available in abundance.

By Road: Being a popular tourist destination, Dharamsala is connected to major cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Shimla, etc. via various transportation mediums. HRTC provides regular deluxe, air-conditioned, and regular bus services to Dharamsala. Tickets can be booked online through HRTC online portal.

  • HPTDC accommodations in Dharamshala

When you are in Dharamsala, don’t forget to stretch your legs at any of the following (five) deluxe accommodations offered by HPTDC:

1. Hotel Dhauladhar

2. Hotel Bhagsu

3. Hotel Club House

4. Hotel Kashmir House

5. The Kunal