Palampur: After winning long legal battle against Vivekananda Medical and Research Trust, BJP veteran and former Chief Minister Shanta Kumar blamed own party men for the litigation.

Shanta Kumar, while addressing media personnel, regretted that case against him and Vivekananda Medical and Research Trust was not filed by the Opposition, but his own party with an intention to tarnish his image. He stated

“I was deeply hurt. I would not have minded much had the case been filed by Congress or any other political opponent. This was done by my own party people”

He clarified that the Vivekananda Medical and Research Trust was a public property and meant for the welfare of public and he and his family had no personal interest in the trust.

Earlier, dismissing a writ petition against the Vivekananda Trust, a division bench of Justice Tarlok Singh Chauhan and Justice Jyotsna Rewal Dua had observed “What we can, therefore, prima facie, infer is that the petition has been set up as a dummy and the petitioner has, therefore, indulged in public mischief for oblique motive. In such circumstances, the court has to act ruthlessly while dealing with such imposters, busybody and meddlesome interlopers impersonating as public-spirited holy men. The petitioner cannot masquerade as crusader of justice and is only pretending to act in the name of pro bono publico, though he has no interest in the public to protect. The instant petition has been filed under ploy for achieving oblique motive.