Total Coronavirus cases crosses 31 lakhs, Himachal tally crosses 5000   

New Delhi: India has tested 3,59,02,137 person for the Coronavirus so far. With 6,09,917 tests conducted in the last 24 hours, India is on its resolved drive to increase its testing capacity.

The government has tried to ensure easy access to testing through expanded diagnostic lab network across the country and resulted in giving a substantial boost to the present numbers. As a result of these focussed actions, the Tests Per Million (TPM) have seen a sharp increase to 26,016. The TPM continues to maintain the constant upward trend.

India has also seen a rise in the tests per million per day, as advised by WHO in its Guidance Note on “Public Health Criteria to Adjust Public Health and Social Measures in the Context of COVID-19”. WHO has advised that a country needs 140 tests/day/ million population as a measure for comprehensive surveillance for suspected COVID19 cases.

A prominent determinant of the evolving testing strategy is the steadily widening diagnostic lab network in the country. This has significantly grown to 1520 labs today, including 984 labs in the government sector and 536 private labs. These include:

• Real-Time RT PCR based testing labs: 785 (Govt: 459 + Private: 326)

• TrueNat based testing labs: 617 (Govt: 491 + Private: 126)

• CBNAAT based testing labs: 118 (Govt: 34 + Private: 84)

Meanwhile, over 31 lakhs people have tested for the Coronavirus pandemic so far in India, only behind USA and Brazil. About 58000 people have died from the virus. State of Maharashta is worse affected state with highest 6.8 positive cases followed by Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

In Himachal total positive cases have crossed 5000 mark and total 28 people have died from it.  

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Rahul Bhandari is Editor of TheNewsHimachal and has been part of the digital world for last 15 years.