Bahra University

Himachal Pradesh Congress President Kuldeep Singh Rathore has raised question against the Bhumi Pujan of premier medical institute AIIMS at Bilaspur and termed it a political stunt just before parliamentary election.

Rathore said that it was approximately four years past when Prime Minster was announced AIIMS Hospital in Bilaspur during that time foundation stone was also laid by him. He quipped

“It was nothing but just a political stunt to do Bhumi Pujan before upcoming Lok Sabha Election, if Himachal Government actually wants to bring AIIMS hospital in Himachal Pradesh than it could be done between these four years.”

Kuldeep Rathore also raised question over Prime Minister Narendra Modi commitment for farmers. He stated that PM Modi frequently talking about the self-dependency of farmers before 2022. However, farmer self-dependency is just a political stunt and actual position is that farmers are not even earning their actual cost of production.

Congress president also criticized PM Modi for demonetization, which proved disastrous for economy of the country and resulted into adversely impacting on small business. And further faulty implantation of GST has virtually damaged many small scale industries and many are on the verge of closure.

Blaming BJP parliamentarians for unable to bring any project to the state despite getting overwhelming support from the state, Kuldeep Singh Rathore said BJP MPs have failed to perform.

In upcoming Lok Sabha election Congress Party will win all the four seats of Lok Sabha so that they may be able to do works for the betterment of the State, Rathore further commented.